How to Create a Wikipedia Page for an Artist – A Complete Guide

Well-known for its ability to deliver authentic information, Wikipedia is now known as the hub of reliable information. With 6.2 million articles and almost 5.2 million pages on the platform, it has certainly grown to be one of the richest reserves of information online. A comprehensive collection of rich and reliable information is available on this user to user platform in a total 314 languages. There is hardly a topic which has not yet been covered on wikipedia.

According to various reliable sources, almost 17000 articles are being made a part of the virtual encyclopedia every month. This number peaked to an astounding number of 50000 articles in 2006. However, this number has slowly and gradually been decreasing since 2006. These figures make this virtual encyclopedia as one of the fastest growing platforms in the world.

Out of all the languages, English is the most important contributor on wikipedia and provides almost 11.2% of the total articles on this platform. Previously, this percentage was more than 25% and since March 2007, it has been on a gradual decline. Other major contributing languages are Cebuano, making up 9.8% of the total articles and Swedish making almost a contribution of 6.3%.

Before the launch of this user to user platform, people did not have an authentic source of information. Even if they had one, then it wasn’t so easily accessible and didn’t have such an extensive collection of information available in one place. Since, January 15th 2001, all our problems relating to accessing reliable information have been solved by this virtual platform in the most comprehensive manner. In easy words, this is a source of easily accessible information created by human beings, for human beings and is continuously updated by humans. Imagine the growth of this virtual encyclopedia, it passed its 2 million articles mark by September 9th 2007.

The literal meaning of the word “Wiki” is “Quick”. Staying true to its name, wikipedia is by far the quickest way to access reliable information on this planet.

Methods You Can Use to Create a Wikipedia Page for an Artist

As general as it may sound, every wikipedia page can only be created if the title of the page does not exist on the virtual encyclopedia. There are notable your page title or topic is and is your page topic unique or has it already been covered on the platform or not.

If your topic is already covered or if a page with the same name already exists on the platform, then you will not be able to create a page with the same title. However, when it comes to the notability, then you need to make sure that the title you have chosen is notable enough in the eyes of Wikipedia that it deserves to have a separate page for itself.


Research is one thing that makes your wikipedia page significant and useful for people across the planet. Gathering all the relevant information on the topic is something which is implied when it comes to creating a wikipedia page. So, if you plan on making a wikipedia page for an artist then you must collect all the information about that specific artist in the most comprehensive manner.

Good, thorough and relevant research can be called the backbone of a wikipedia page. However, research on wikipedia requires you to understand certain things before you start researching. You cannot provide any original research theories or analytical data on wikipedia. Your research must be based on fact that have already been established and it is best that you make use of citations and references as much as possible to authenticate your work or information.


Creating your wikipedia page’s content may also be quite a troublesome step for even the most experienced wikipedia writers. It normally requires the writer to ensure that they are not creating content that is, by any means, promoting any person or thing, in any way. You, as a wiki writer, must ensure the neutrality of your content. Your writing tone must be extremely neutral and unbiased. You must stay aloof of any inclinations towards any ideas and prevent yourself from giving your personal opinions.

Wikipedia pages are a source of information that are based on facts and figures. Information based on facts always tends to be neutral. Writers must make sure that they always keep their personal opinions to themselves whenever they are writing content for a wikipedia page.

Wiki Policies & Guidelines

One of the most important aspects of wikipedia writing is adhering to the writing guidelines and policies of the virtual encyclopedia. These policies and guidelines reflect the all the best ways that each wikipedia writer must adopt, so that they can contribute to the goals and objectives of Wikipedia as a whole. Any rising conflicts, best practices and a way to clarify principles that allow an easier way to the accomplishment of the goals and objectives set by Wikipedia are only possible through adhering to these guidelines and policies at all times. Not following these policies can result in the disapproval of your wiki pages.


The only thing left to do now is to submit your wikis for the final review process. However, you must ensure the flawlessness of your wikipedia pages before you submit them. Making sure your wikipedia pages meet all the needs and requirements for getting approved will require you to understand the approval mechanisms in a clear manner.

How much does it cost to make a Wikipedia page for an artist?

Generally, the cost to create a Wikipedia page may fall between $200 to $3000. Nevertheless, most articles fall within the average cost range of $400 to $800. Furthermore, you need to understand that there are certain factors that may drive the costs of creating a wikipedia page for an artist. Over the years, the average cost to create a wikipedia page of an artist has been observed to decrease because of the fierce competition between page creation agencies in the industry. As price is one of the most crucial factors to attract clients.

  • Minor Wikipedia page editing $150 to $300
  • Major Wikipedia page editing $300 to $600
  • Wikipedia Page creation (by using freelance beginners) $350 to $700
  • Wikipedia Page creation (by using freelance experienced) $700 to $1000
  • Wikipedia Page creation (Professional agency) $750 to $1200
  • Wikipedia Page monitoring and management (professional agency) $500 to $800

How much time does a Wikipedia page takes to get updated/uploaded?

More than half of the edits and pages are approved and uploaded on the platform without taking much time. With an extensive list of editors on Wikipedia and help of AI-bots, the approval and updating process merely takes a few minutes to get done. However, there are certain pages or edits that may take longer than that because of the complexities involved in their evaluation process. In case of vandalism or other serious issues, these pages or edits might even take as long as 3 to 4 months before they can get approved and updated/uploaded.

Is it possible for me to get my Wikipedia artist page edited by a professional editor?

Yes, it is totally your choice whether you want to edit the wikipedia pages yourself or you want to hire a professional wikipedia page editor to do this task on your behalf. Know that there are many professional wikipedia page creation and editing agencies in the world, which can easily provide you with these services and all it will take from you is for you contact them. The easiest way you can contact a professional wikipedia page management company is through using search engines like google. Simply make a search using “wikipedia page creation or management companies/agencies” and you will get a long list of professional companies with their contact information available for you to contact.

What might be the benefits an artist can have from a wikipedia page?

Wikipedia pages are known as one of the most useful and powerful passive marketing tools in the world. These pages can easily create new opportunities for artists by increasing their overall reach, credibility, online visibility and their overall fan base. Many artists have also been observed to create their own brands, creating and using a wikipedia page for the artist in such a situation can help them achieve their business goals and objectives as well.

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